Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Infamous Ball Bounce

So tomorrow is time to turn in my very first computer animation project. I've just finished putting the finishing touches on it, and for those of you who are not familiar with the assignment, here's the criteria:

  • Length on animation is 240 frames, no more no less.
  • You may have a short pause at the start and end of the piece (less than a second).
  • A single scene with one realistic ball bounce and one self-motivated ball jumping.
  • The size of each ball can be different.
  • The motion of the two balls can be simultaneous, can overlap, or can be sequential.
  • The realistic ball can enter from off screen but then cannot leave the frame and must stop on-stage.
  • The self motivated ball may leave the frame at the end.
  • Staging and composition are a very important part of this assignment. Think about where is the best place to put the camera. Think about foreground and background colors (color and design).
  • It would be very beneficial to create a camera and lock it into place and then work from that camera.
  • No moving cameras. Camera shake for a really heavy impact is ok.
  • No objects in your scene should be default gray (Lambert1). Use simple shaders (solid colors) or textures. Keep the textures simple.
  • You will use a basic 3 point lighting setup.
  • Use Depth Map shadows and not Ray Traced shadows.
  • No Motion Blur or Reflectivity
  • You may use an environment with walls made out of primitive planes or half of a cylinder. Some of you will have sets that are more elaborate, that is also acceptable.
  • This project will be rendered in standard resolution with shadows, and it will be due as Maya ASCII file, and as a Quicktime movie.
  • Please refer to the class calendar for Critique and final deadlines

So here is what I have come up with.

I have to say that I'm quite pleased with my result. I put to use some of the modeling skills I learned over summer which I think gave me a bit of a boost. I also am very pleased with the texture I made for the surface of the globe, which when not stretched over the surface of the ball looks like this:

So up next on the CA list is the NURBS primitive theater. Time to generate some ideas for that.

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