Friday, October 23, 2009

Primitive Theater

Here's the latest! This assignment is referred to as Primitive Theater. The idea is to introduce us to basic character modeling, rigging, and animation with a simplistic character of our own design. Here's the basic character parameters:

Create a motivation that can be expressed in terms of an action verb and devise a motion that communicates that motivation. You must accomplish this without violent or destructive behavior. REMEMBER, CHARACTER DOES NOT EQUAL HUMAN. Your character or characters can only be made from primitive objects or simple revolves, extrudes or lofts. They are not allowed to have legs but they can have any other kind of appendage.

And of course the final result of roughly 4 weeks of planning and working:

Now that it's done I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Of course there are little things that, given the chance, I would g back and tweak, but it's time to move on to the next assignment.


  1. Great Blog Andy. I'm showing Billy Lauko your work. Thanks for stopping by a few weeks back, and stay in touch. -Hal,l

  2. Lifes grand. Sure Billy. Good to hear from you. Do you have anything on the web that I can check out? Andy Stifel stopped by BCC several weeks ago to show me some of his work. He's doing very well at Ringling. Check out his unique rendition of Popeye at this link:

  3. Andy - Do you have any of your recent animation pieces on the web that will allow someone to leave a comment? I'll post them on my FACEBOOK page where I have 3800 friends and can get you some exposure. -Hall